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The Success Key for Your Business in Europe and the GCC Territories


We provide extensive trading solutions

Our mission has always been to adapt innovative European trading practices to the GCC region. As a provider of integrated trading business solutions, European portals construct an ecosystem of tangible trading products and intangible trading consultation services for our clients to launch trading businesses in the GCC. Our integrated ecosystem is supported by professionals with over 15 years of experience in business consulting, supply chain and logistics, modern agriculture business, integrated marketing, and office administration.

A European Portal governed by sustainable business ethics and overcoming all challenges for mutual benefit, this ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the company in both the EU and the GCC and will provide the optimal solution for your trading company in GCC. 

Our Service Solutions


Modern Hi-tech Farming Consultaltations

It is no longer a secret that the Netherlands is a leader in modern agriculture; it is associated with agriculture 3.0. European portals are excited to implement the Netherland agriculure knowledge and technology in GCC territories.


Entrepreneurship & leadership

Entrepreneurial and leadership skills are adaptable and capable of running an organization smoothly, and European portals bring your entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills to the forefront. 


Supply Chain, Customs and Paperwork

You are no longer required to worry about supply chain delays, customs complications, or endless paperwork. The purpose of European portals is to make things simple and compliant. We handle all paperwork to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment from the EU or the UK to the GCC.


IT, IoT & Digital Ecosystem

The Europan Portal brings your business into smart industry 4.0. We provide all you need to have an integrated digital ecosystem for your trading company—not only the IT infrastructure but also cloud, content management systems (CMS), SAP, AFAS, e-commerce, cloud systems, and separate payment providers.


Financial & Company Administrations

Europan Portals connects you with investors to help you run your business, recognizing that capital is your most essential connection for your business. In addition to assisting venture capital, we also facilitate you with the regular administrative tasks required for the continued success of your firm.

Trading Business Solutions

We enable you to gain access to a remarkable network of all tradeable items in Europe, as well as funding and investors, and assist you in growing your business in GCC.

Premium Chocolate

Our Trading Products

Agribusiness 3.0 Products & Tech

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Our Products & Service 

Our Product & Service 

Our Business Services


Business Consulting

Among the specialties of entrepreneurship are agribusiness, general business, and digital business. With our entrepreneurship-focused business consulting services, we will exceed your expectations and guide you along the path to turning your business concept into reality with the right step-by-step approach and mindsets. 


Our industry focus is on modern farming, general trading, and digital-based industries.


Internal and External Business Management

Our business consultants in internal and external management consist of: 

Internal growth of the organization and how to run a trading business, from managing human resources (HR) to managing financial figures, with access to investor networks in Europe and the GCC

We assist you with smooth supply chain and logistics management, as well as a marketing ecosystem, for external growth. 

Focus: internal and external operational of your trading bussines.


Digital Transformations & Ecosystem

A digital transformations and ecosystem is a network of interconnected IT & IcT resources that can function as a unit. Digital ecosystems consist of suppliers, customers, trading partners, applications, third-party data service providers, and their corresponding technologies. Connectivity is the factor that determines the success of the ecosystem.

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